Life Insurance No Medical Exam 

Life Insurance No Medical Exam

Many people may want to avoid the medical exam for one reason or another. It could simply be the invasiveness of the exam, or pre-existing conditions that might otherwise prevent you from getting a life insurance policy. It is possible to purchase both term life and whole life insurance without a medical exam.

Considerations when Buying Life Insurance Without a Medical Exam

When you purchase an insurance policy, the typical process involves a basic health physical as well as prescription history check and other information that you many consider too sensitive to share. This process is the traditional means of applying for insurance and it is called "fully underwritten life insurance" as the entirety of the underwriting process is followed.

Since you’re asking an insurance company to insure against your death, they try to determine the real probability of your death given algorithms and actuarial data that would make your head spin. If the insurance company doesn't collect this information, they are assuming a much greater risk in insuring you and the expense of that risk will be passed along to you. Think carefully before choosing to purchase life insurance with no exam.

Points to Consider when Choosing Life Insurance Without a Medical Exam

  • Do you need term life or whole life insurance?
  • What coverage do no medical exam policies provide?
  • What is the cost difference in premiums with no medical exam policies?

To really see the entire universe of coverage options at various price points, you need to find the best life insurance agent for your specific situation. TermLifeInsuranceUSA is here to help.

Term Life Insurance Without a Medical Exam

Simplified Issue Life Insurance

If you're healthy and can prove it, simplified issue is likely not the right coverage for you due to the cost — it will be substantially more expensive than a fully underwritten policy. On the plus side, the application process is much faster without a medical exam, but you'll still be required to answer some health questions. Your health history will also be a contributing factor to the cost of the policy in the absence of a medical exam.

Bear in mind that you might be required to get a medical exam anyway if your answers to health questions or your health history raise any red flags so it could all be for nothing. Simplified issue is a good choice for people who only want a small amount of coverage who are not in great health.

Whole Life Insurance Without a Medical Exam

Simplified Whole Life Insurance

Simplified whole life insurance is also good for a low level of coverage. Generally speaking, most insurance policies that do not require a medical exam will be more expensive. Unlike traditional whole life policies, the simplified issue policies do not accrue any cash value and are not comparable to an investment.

Just like simplified issue term policies, you might be found ineligible to skip the medical exam based on your health history and a series of health questions, so you need to be in reasonably good health to apply for this type of policy.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Be prepared to pay high premiums for very low amounts of coverage compared to other life insurance for seniors if you really want a policy with no medical exam requirement and no health questions. If you are too high risk to qualify for the simplified issue policies, guaranteed issue life insurance may be the last and best option. The coverage limits are quite low and you typically have to be over age 50 to apply.

If your requirement to avoid a medical exam and/or health questions is due to advanced age or poor health, you can use our service to quickly and conveniently find the best life insurance agent who can write policies for many different and diverse carriers and can find you the right policy.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance Pros and Cons

Pro Con
No medical exam required Simplified issue policies may require an exam depending on your answers to health questions and your health history
Faster application process
Higher premiums
Low coverage limits
Guaranteed issue policies often require you to be age 50 or above

What to Expect at a Life Insurance Medical Exam

Should you decide to go ahead with a medical exam, you can expect most companies to ask some similar questions and have similar tests and procedures. They will likely ask you about your general health, any medications you are currently taking or have recently taken, any dangerous hobbies or behaviors you might engage in (such as skydiving or paragliding), and also if you use tobacco or alcohol. After all of the questions, they may require you to take some tests, like blood and urine. These tests usually take a few weeks to get results, so expect the process to take a little bit longer.

What Else Do Insurance Companies Review?

  • Medication / prescription report, sometimes up to the last 10 years
  • DMV report / driving record
  • Report of past policies for which you've applied
  • Could be other things depending on the company

Disclaimer: is not a licensed insurance agency or broker. The content of this website is for informational and comparative purposes only and is not intended to take the place of professional advice from a licensed insurance agent. recommends that all consumers consult with a licensed insurance agent before purchasing any insurance policy.

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