Life Insurance for Tobacco Users 

Life Insurance for Tobacco Users

It's well known that life insurance is an important safety net, a way to ensure peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones. For the millions of Americans that smoke, or otherwise use tobacco products, having access to this crucial resource can seem intimidating or expensive. While it's true that life insurance rates are calculated on the basis of lifestyle choices and your general health, life insurance for tobacco users can still be very affordable. While you may not be offered the same rates as someone who doesn't use tobacco products, you can still be covered by a policy that suits your needs. Having the guarantee that your loved ones will be taken care of if the worst should happen is worth making the effort.

How Tobacco Use Affects Your Life Insurance Options

Part of the application process for life insurance is a variety of questions about your use of tobacco, including whether you are a current user or have used tobacco at all in the last 12 months. They refer to any form of tobacco, including the obvious one of cigarettes, as well as chewing tobacco, using snuff, smoking pipes or cigars or vaping nicotine. Life insurance for smokers is treated the same way by life insurance companies as any other tobacco product. You will also be asked about how often you use the tobacco but the main factor that categorizes you for a different rate is having smoked at all in the last 12 months, whether a lot or a little.

Life insurance for tobacco users is generally two or three times more expensive than the standard policies of someone without this risk factor. However this can vary and shopping around is important.

Why Life Insurance Companies Charge Tobacco Users More

It's common knowledge that using tobacco products is associated with significant health risks. There's plenty of medical evidence to support this belief, including a direct correlation between using tobacco and higher rates of cancer, heart disease and respiratory problems.

Life insurance companies charge higher rates for any group that's classified as having a higher probability of serious illness (which can lead to death). This is because of the correspondingly higher probability of paying out their life insurance benefit much earlier than they would for groups without these risk factors. Life insurance for tobacco users follows this pattern but all this means is you have to explore all your options to find the right policy for you and your budget.

Life Insurance for Tobacco Users

Why Honesty Is Still The Best Policy

It's important to be honest about your tobacco use when you apply for life insurance even though it may feel uncomfortable to admit this, especially since it's something that will likely increase the rate. Your attitude should be geared towards finding a good policy for your budget, rather than on trying to outsmart life insurance companies. Remember that you will probably have to take a medical exam, including testing of your blood, urine and/or saliva. Nicotine, and other substances left by tobacco, can be detected even if your last ingestion was days ago. If it's discovered that you lied this may lead to being denied coverage altogether and the risk just isn't worth it. There is no exam life insurance for smokers available if you do not want to do the test at all, but keep in mind that it will be more expensive.

Along with being honest with the insurance companies, you should also be honest with yourself. You might be tempted to delay getting life insurance until after you've stopped using tobacco products, if you are intending to quit soon. But quitting these substances is notoriously difficult. Postponing coverage for the time it may take you to succeed will expose you and your loved ones to a potentially serious risk. Once you have quit using tobacco products for a period longer than 12 months you will be in a position to potentially get the rate of a nonuser.

How Tobacco Users Can Find The Right Life Insurance Policy

A tobacco user who wants to find a policy that will work for them, which is to say at the best possible rate for their situation, should start by shopping around to review a wide variety of options. Doing your research will put in you a stronger position and having an independent agent to scour their network and offer guidance can be helpful. Different types of policies place less emphasis on lifestyle factors and learning about them will give you a better chance of finding a policy that suits your needs and your budget. One of the most common policy types is term life insurance for smokers.

Being a tobacco user can make it tricky to find the right life insurance policy but you shouldn't be discouraged from pursuing this incredibly beneficial safety net. Taking the time to compare the options available will give you much more clarity about the right policy for you, and we're here to help that process along by pairing you with an informed agent. Get a quote today and talk to us to see how we can help today.

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