Can You Get Life Insurance With Pre Existing Conditions

One of the most common concerns for people when they begin looking for a policy is whether life insurance with pre-existing conditions is even possible to get. Getting life insurance under any circumstances can be an intimidating task, and while having a pre-existing condition will most likely make it more difficult or more expensive to get, it does not mean that it is impossible. Even if you have a very severe medical issue and do not qualify for more common policy types, many insurance companies offer what are known as high-risk policies you may qualify for that are designed specifically for people in those situations to get life insurance coverage that they need.

How Life Insurance With Medical Problems is Different

Since there is a higher risk involved with insuring people with already existing health problems, insurance companies generally will charge you more on your premium since you are at a higher risk of perishing. Since they also need to do more work up front to process your information and test results, the application and approval process expectedly takes longer than it normally would for other policies. To make sure this goes as smoothly as possible, be sure to always be thorough and honest with the information you provide. Based off the information you provide and the test results from the medical exam, companies will then judge your overall policy risk and what rate class they will put you in, and also let you know exactly what you qualify for. It is also possible to get life insurance with no exam if necessary.

Examples of Pre-Existing Conditions

  • Cancer
  • Heart attack
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • Obesity

Best Way to Shop for Pre-Existing Medical Condition Life Insurance

The first thing you should always do before you start looking for policies is to really get a good handle on your own situation and your needs. Get an honest assessment of your health from a doctor, and make sure you are always honest about everything. Also evaluate what you need life insurance for, are you covering a certain period of time, or do you need it for life? In this case you would want to learn the differences of term life insurance compared to whole. Is there a specific amount you would like to be insured for to cover certain costs you are expecting? Once you have a good handle on your personal situation and needs, then you can begin to find exactly the right policy for you.

Finding the Best Agent to Help

Even after you have a clear picture of your needs, there are still a lot of questions to be answered. What company should you purchase from, and which ones have better policies for your situation? What type of policy is best for your needs? Do you need quick protection, or do you need something specific, like shopping for life insurance for seniors older than 80? This is where we would like to help you out. By filling out our online form, we can connect you to an expert agent who knows exactly how to find the best high-risk life insurance for pre-existing conditions. Having someone on your side who knows the industry inside and out can make shopping for life insurance much faster and simpler than if you did it on your own.

Examples of Life Insurance Rate Classes

Tier Name Description
Preferred Plus Top tier health rating, no pre-existing conditions, best premiums
Preferred Excellent health, can have minor health issues
Regular Plus Great health, more lenient on pre-existing conditions
Regular Good health, most lenient, higher premiums